As Chief Product Owner on a multi-million dollar product, my responsibility is to ensure we not only ‘do things right’ but we ‘do the right things’. The Prioritisation model brought the discipline, the science and – critically – the user centricity we needed to optimise our investment. This allowed me to engage a wider Executive group and diverge for ideas knowing we had a robust model in places to converge on the best ones. It also ensured we didn’t over-invest. With the model and people in place we were certain we were responding to real customer needs.

Dave Stewart, Digital Business Executive

“We operate in a world that is more dynamic and complex than ever before, and user needs and technology evolve faster than ever. As a result, we introduced a new Prioritisation Model to evaluate opportunities efficiently, with the agility to respond to dynamic market conditions and make decisions fast. James creted and was instrumental in embedding the model that included user-centric design (UCD) and agile methodologies. The model enabled business leaders to priorities opportunities based on customer desirability, business viability and technical feasibility, in a way that ensures we identify and focus on the key priorities most efficiently.” 

Charles Street, Executive

James introduced the Prioritisation model in a few weeks, galvanising the teams required to execute it successfully. Investment decisions became more evidence-based. We focussed on user needs and built a continuous feedback loop. We reduced waste by investing in smaller high value ideas and avoided gold-plating and back-door requirements. We built and published a large backlog that our business and staff found very motivating. We economically prioritised this. The result was higher customer satisfaction and the model was replicated in other bank areas.

Andy Kettlewell, Program Director